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Þjófafoss and Búrfell

Þjófafoss and Búrfell - Phase One XF, 40mm, f/9, 2.5s, ISO 50.

Þjófafoss is one of Iceland’s hidden gems, with many tourists flocking to the well known waterfalls, it was awesome having the whole area to ourselves. There are many images that combine Þjófafoss and Búrfell (the basalt tuya in the background) but none with quite this composition, for which Daniel Bergmann gets the props. It was a little tricky to get right as I wanted the rocks in the Þjórsá river in the bottom right to not intersect with the foreground rocks. I also wanted Búrfell a little more to the right of the frame to balance against the big rock sticking out on the bottom left. Lastly, it was a nightmare keeping the filters on the lens clean of spray as we had strong winds blowing in from the waterfall. I think it was just luck that I managed to make this image at all. Sadly, its not perfect, I set my focussing for the foreground so there isn’t enough depth of field to get Búrfell perfectly sharp. In an ideal world I would have focus stacked but with all that wind and spray I didn’t bother.

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