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Ample Bay View

Ample Bay View - 5D3, 70-200 IS II @ 80mm, f/8, 1/250s, ISO 100

I remember the morning I made this image well, it was probably one of my favorite landings in South Georgia, Ample Bay at Salisbury Plain.  The zodiacs landed on the beach a little bit to the right of the right most part you can see.  We had to hike up the hill from where I made this image navigating to avoid fur seals and molting King Penguins.  It was overcast when we landed but about an hour after making this image, we had white out conditions for brief moments as both fresh snow came down and the wind picked up.  The conditions cleared up quickly as well with wonderful photographic light all over the place.  Memories of landings like this one are what are making me want to return one day.


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