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Consolation at Torres del Paine

Sunrise at Torres del Paine - D810, 16-35 @ 27mm, f/8, 1/4s, ISO 64

Our flight to Antarctica was officially cancelled a couple of days ago.  Though it was disappointing to come all this way and not make it the last leg, it was still great to spend time with and learn from incredible photographers like Art Wolfe.

Several of us decided to salvage the trip by organizing a 3 day trip to nearby Torres del Paine National Park, before coming back to Punta Arenas today to catch our flights home.  Patagonia is a place that was on my list to visit and photograph but not one I knew a lot about and I'm glad I got to explore a bit of this great place.

Our trip to Torres del Paine was productive and we were treated to two pretty sunrises and sunsets, lots of crazy, dramatic clouds and some wild wind.  This image was made on the first sunrise and though the iconic towers are not visible, I found these other two ranges to be quite photogenic (possibly even more so).


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