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Desert Light

god rays over a desert
Desert Light - X1D, 21mm, f/12, 1/320s, ISO 100.

There was rain in Death Valley last night and looking at the weather forecast it seemed like the clouds would break up in the early morning. So before I went to bed, my plan was to wake up and head to Bad Water I the hopes of sunrise color with water in the basin, something I hadn’t seen before. However, getting into the car, I noticed that the valley was covered in fairly thick cloud, so figuring that I wouldn’t get a sunset, I changed plans at the last minute and went to Mesquite Dunes instead. It stayed pretty cloudy and I had resigned myself to doing intimate landscapes and tight abstracts but suddenly around when the sun was supposed to come up the clouds started to break up and I got some color and beautiful filtered light for most of the early morning. I suspect that Bad Water would have been spectacular photography, but this wasn’t so bad either.


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