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Firebird - Cambo Actus DB, IQ4 150, 32mm, f/11, 1.6s, ISO 50.

I made this image on a somewhat hurried sunset shoot early in my trip to Glencoe at the beginning of 2020. With the storm clouds in the distance and wind howling we opted to just come back to the house and wander to the adjacent beach. However right as I had spotted this little pond, one large cloud directly overhead was momentarily lit up with a brilliant orange (a hint of which you can see in the water in the distance). Not being in a position to put the cloud in the frame, but seeing its beautiful reflection in the water I opted to work quickly with what I had. The entire moment lasted only a minute as the fierce winds were pushing the cloud off very quickly! It was a satisfying end to the day. I titled this image ‘Firebird’ because the instant I saw the image pop up on my screen, the orange of the water and shape of the pool reminded me of a soaring bird in flight and that image has stuck with me since.


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