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Redwoods - Sony A7r, Leica 90mm Summicron, ~f/8, 0.5s, ISO 100

This is another image with some fairly difficult lighting that I was able to get away with only a minimum of post processing thanks to the VSCO Velvia preset.  I've also started trying out a different type of paper for my printing.  Yes I am one of those rare people these days that still prints images; I find viewing one's work on print to be much more satisfying than a computer screen.  The paper I'm using is the Canson Platine Fibre Rag.  So far I've mainly done color images with it and so far the results have been quite good.  The paper is fairly thick at 310 gsm and so has a nice feel to it.  I've printed a few images with subtle dark tones and so far they seem to be rendered faithfully with this paper on an Epson 4900.

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