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Soberanes Sea Arch

Soberanes Sea Arch - Leica S2, 30mm, f/16, 3s, ISO 160

I spent this past weekend shooting in the Big Sur area with Edward Mendes and his spring Big Sur workshop.  Though we were not treated to any spectacular weather events, the weekend still proved to be productive.  I have been obsessed with photographic this sea arch from the north side since I first saw Ed's image from a couple of years ago.  The hike to this location is along the edge of a cliff for an acrophobic like myself its a major ordeal to make it.  There were some nice clouds in the sky and it looked like we would be treated to a beautiful sunset so I forced myself to overcome the acrophobia and make it out to the site.  As it turned out, the sunset was a bust but early on there was some interesting light in the sky to the west.  I made several images, but chose this one to work on immediately because of what was going on in the sky.  This arch hasn't been extensively photographed as far as I know and the images I've seen are usually tighter crops on the arch itself. 

I also spent the entire time shooting with the Leica S2 and a nice kit of lenses.  The S lenses are simply gorgeous.  Optically superb and built to last a lifetime.  The 36 megapixel files from the S2 are richly detailed and for landscape photography I have to admit I am a little jealous of Nikon shooters with the D800 which should deliver files just as detailed.  Post-processing the massive files are interesting as they bring my poor computers to their knees.  The finished PSD for this image with all its adjustments and layers was over 3 GB!


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