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Serengeti Star Trails

Serengeti Star Trails - 5D2, 24 f/1.4L, f/2.8, 17m 21s, ISO 200.

I didn't take a tripod with me when I went to Tanzania in 2011 since there is little opportunity for tripod based photography.  I did however pack a little gorilla pod just in case and one night while staying at the Belila Lodge (which is a spectacularly luxurious lodge in the Serengeti) it came in handy.  I wrapped the legs around the rail of my balcony and captured this 17 minute exposure.  It was late and we had game drives scheduled for the morning so I didn't try more or longer exposures.  Unfortunately, there's nothing uniquely African in this image so for all you know these star trails could have been captured anywhere (though the astute astronomers might be able to make out some signature southern hemisphere celestial objects).  


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