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Tidepool Sunset

Tidepool Sunset - 5D3, 17 TS-E, f/18, ISO 100, 3 exposure blend, 4 stop soft grad, c-pol

So many new tools were used in making this first.  First, note that I used filters with the Canon 17 TS-E even though the 17 has that bulbous front element and doesn't have any filter threads.  I adapted a spare 17mm lens cap and glued a Lee 82mm wide angle adaptor ring to it, as described here.  I managed to get a few millimeters worth of shift and managed to get a few degrees of tilt without much vignetting (the vignetting you see in the image was added by me in post).  I also managed to get multiple filters without vignetting.  The lack of ability to use filters was the biggest complaint I had with the 17 TS-E.  Though, this solution isn't perfect (there is heavy vignetting if more than a few mm of shift) its definitely does help a lot.

The second new tool used is the newly announced Nik HDR EFEX Pro 2.  There has been some major changes to the user interface in this new version I like how I can get non-destructive tone mapping with their Photoshop plugin.


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