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#1 - 5D3, 17 TS-E, f/13, 1/40s, ISO 100

Look at these two characters, especially the little one which has attitude.  I generally wouldn't recommend getting this close to cows.  In my case, it was about 7:30 AM and I was returning to my car after doing some photography at Garrapata Beach and there was a gate to presumably ranch land with some cows in the distance.  I generally ignored it and started packing away my gear, but then a few of them started approaching the gate.  Not to waste an opportunity I quickly attached the widest lens I had with me, crossed the road, held the camera as low I could with the lens sticking through a space in the gate and fired off a few shots.  The cows were backlit so I knew I'd end up blowing out the sky but it wouldn't matter.  I experimented a bit, I had initially wanted the sun in the frame with a sunburst but any images with the sun the frame had so much flare it was a total loss.  This is what ended up working out and even though there is still some flare, it isn't that bad.


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