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Aged Branches

Aged Branches - M9, 18 Super Elmar, ~f/13, 1/250s, ISO 160

This is one of the first real images I've taken with the Leica 18mm f/3.8 Super Elmar lens.  I bought this lens primarily for landscape work and it certainly lives up to its Leica name when it comes to optics and build.  I also have the viewfinder attachment (the M9 framelines don't go as wide as 18mm) but in this case, I ended up not using it, opting to take several images guessing where my frame was.  It worked out, of the 4 images I took of this scene, this one was framed exactly the way I wanted it, requiring no cropping in post.  I looked through the other images I took with the 18 SEM and I'm very pleased with this lens.  I compared it quickly to my Canon 17 TS-E on a 5D2 and it appears the 18 SEM is very slightly optically superior (small enough no not matter), but its miniscule size when compared to the Canon kit that makes it my favorite lens at this focal length.


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