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Boulders in Painted Sand

Boulders in Painted Sand - Cambo Actus, IQ4 150, 32mm, f/11, 3m20s, ISO 100.

When you don't get any color in the sky at sunrise, at least you can count on some wicked color in the sand!

Boulders in Painted Sand II - Cambo Actus, IQ4 150, 32mm, f/11, 1m, ISO 100.

I made another version of this image from a better vantage point (directly at the rock) but I couldn’t get the foreground to work the way I like so I ended up going with the first one. Which do you prefer? The one with the better angle to the rock (I.e. head on) or the one with the more interesting (to me) arrangement of boulders to colored sand?


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