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Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls - D800e, Zeiss 15, f/5.6, 4s, ISO 100

Brandywine Falls provincial park is on the way between Whistler and Vancouver.  We arrived at the park around 10 AM and it took about 10 minutes to walk out to this spot.  I'm not a big fan of photographing landscape subjects in full sunlight.  If I can't photograph a subject during the "prime" hours (around surnise and around sunset), then I look for subjects in the shade.  When we arrived exactly half the falls was directly sunlit and the other half in shade, so I chose to keep walking to the end of the trail to see what else was there.  When we came back to this spot 30 minutes later, it was a bit better with more of the waterfall in the sun but still not ideal.  However, without the time to wait, I had to make do with what I had and try to compensate for the difference in tones between shadow and highlight as much as possible in post.


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