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Canyon Wall

a flooded canyon with detailed wall
Canyon Wall - X1D, 21mm, f/12, 1/50s, ISO 800.

I got to spend the bulk of yesterday morning hiking and photographing Valley of Fire state park, about an hour north of Las Vegas. The weather for me was ideal, as it was totally overcast meaning that as long as I didn’t include the sky in my frame, all the colors and textures of the brightly colored sandstone and rocks would easily come through. I started at the north end at White Domes which is supposed to have brightly colored rocks perfect for photographing in flat light. Unfortunately, with the rains over the last couple of days, when I got about 1/3 of the way through the trail and had to go through a narrow slot canyon, it was flooded. If I had my NEOS overshoes with me, I would have easily walked through it, but just my regular hiking boots weren’t going to cut it. So I made a few images with the water in the frame and focussed on capturing what parts of the canyon wall I could.

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