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Cauldron of Fire

Cauldron of Fire - M240, 35 'lux.

We went on an all day trip to the other side of the island (Hilo) yesterday, including visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  One interesting image to make in this area is after the sun has set; the glow of the lava lights up the smoke.  It is however extremely challenging to photograph.  The light is slow, the smoke is moving and the dynamic range is insane.  I played around for a bit with a longer focal length but just before leaving decided to experiment with capturing frames for an HDR.  I figured it wouldn't work out well since the smoke is moving.  I tried to keep the exposure times from being crazy by changing the aperture instead as well as the shutter speed.  In the end, it worked; I got the detail of the rim of the crater as well as in the smoke and as a bonus even got some constellations in the sky.

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