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Colorful Ridges

colored ridges of zabrieski point
Colorful Ridges - Phase One XF, IQ3 100, 75mm, f/14, 1/6s, ISO 100.

I’ve been to Death Valley a few times the past but during those trips have opted for wide angle images. Last week, I wanted to spend some time there focussing on picking out details in the interesting landscape rather than just wide images. The conditions at Zabriskie Point the morning I made this image reminded me of the conditions on New Year’s Day 2010. It looked fairly overcast but then at the last minute just before the sun came up, there was an epic colors in the cloud. I was hoping for the same thing to happen, but alas it didn’t as the cloud cover to the east was just too thick. Regardless, the overcast conditions made it ideal for the kind of tighter images I was seeking to make and this is one such example.


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