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Door and Frame

Door and Frame - Alpa STC, IQ 180, 32 HR, ~f/13, 4s, ISO 35

I don't often enjoy processing images, but this one was the exception.  I don't remember which lens I used when composing the image, but I am about 98% sure it was the Rodenstock 32mm (giving a 21mm equivalent field of view, my favorite for landscape photography).  When I composed the scene, there were two things I found interesting.  First the color palette, I like the layers of color with the green paint in the back, then the blue paint and finally the orange of the door.  Second, I liked the variety of texture from the peeling paint to the wood grain on the door.  However, even stopped down and a wide lens, the depth of field wouldn't be sufficient to capture the detail and grain of the door and the detail in the green wall.  Tilt wouldn't help here either since the resulting wedge of focus would render the top of the door (and probably the near wall) out of focus.  The only thing that could be done was focus stacking.  Fortunately, only two exposures were needed, one for the door and one for everything else.  It took about an hour to carefully make sure the two exposures were blended properly and once done, the resulting image is richly detailed from edge to edge, near to far.


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