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Early Morning Grand Canyon and Snow

Early Morning Grand Canyon - EM-5, 7-14 @ 7mm, f/7.1, ISO 200

The sun was about to rise over in the right of the frame I captured this image by making doing a burst of 5 images at high speed hand held and then fusing the results together with HDR Efex Pro.  Its amazing to me how far both cameras and software have come that make it possible to make interesting images even with sloppy technique.  Features like image stabilization for ultra wide angle lenses, high resolution, high dynamic range and improvements to software like better tone mapping, robust alignment and ghost reduction all come together to help more and more people make more images.  Some might argue that all of this takes away from the craft of photography, and they might be right but I would argue a little less craft for a few people is worth making all of this more accessible to an even larger populace.  Besides, when I'm feeling "crafty", I use the technical camera :)

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