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Elephants on the Serengeti

Elephants on the Serengeti - 1D4, 70-200 @ 123mm, f/6.3, 1/800s, ISO 200

This image is an example image where my idea for how to post process the image changed from the time I captured it to the when I decided to seriously work on it.  I took this frame at around 12:30pm on an all-day game drive in the south Serengeti.  As you can imagine, the sun was out in full force and so the lighting was harsh.  However, a game drive tends to be a lot of "opportunity photography" and if you just keep waiting for everything to come together, you'll miss out.  I chose to frame the image with 5 elephants (rule of odds) and wanted to keep the elephants in the lower portion with hills in the middle and clouds in the top.  My original vision was still for a black & white but I had planned on playing around with the color mixing to really darken the skies and get pseudo-IR look.  I did this right in the field with Lightroom and left it that way, not all that pleased with the results (this was pre-Silver Efex Pro days).  That was over 2 years ago and recently I dug this image up again and decided to start from scratch on the black & white conversion this time with Silver Efex Pro.  I actually ended up preferring the conversion here where the sky is left bright but with the elephants popping out against the grass.  I was happy enough with the results to do a test print and was even happier to see that it comes out *very* well even when printed large.


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