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Feeding Oakum Boy

Feeding Oakum Boy - Canon 5D3, 560mm, f/5, 1/800s, ISO 200.

I initially worked on this image I made on my 2012 trip to South Georgia Island about a year ago and completely forgot about it. I ran into it by accident this afternoon and immediately found it striking. My favorite wildlife images are of animal behavior and animals in their environment, so this one falls into that first category. However, I’m also fond of the strong curves in the composition, starting with the back of the Oakum Boy and transferring to the body of the feeding King Penguin parent. That combined with the contrasting dark tones of the chick with the whites of the adult makes this one of my favorite South Georgia images. The one nit I would pick is that the left flipper is visible in the lower right, breaking he smooth curve of the body. Still, I’d print and hang this one.

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