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Garrapata Beach Remnants

Garrapata Beach Remnants - Leica S 007, 30-90 @ 68mm, f/11, 8s, ISO 100.

I returned to Garrapata beach yesterday evening only about a month after my last visit and I could barely recognize the place.  A lot of sand has been washed out and much of the sandy beach is non-existent, its more of a pebble/rocky beach now.  The stairs on the south end of the beach also looked washed out and were closed.  The waves were also impressively large and forceful making a lot of the types of photos I’ve done in the past (with sand and single rocks and receding waves) impossible.  Its amazing how much this beach has changed in the last month.  Did some reading and I believe this is because of El Niño which is causing high swells and surf all along the west coast.  I hear Mavericks is pretty wild this year.

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