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Geometry in Clouds

Geometry in Clouds - D800e, Zeiss 15, f/11, 62s, ISO 100

I made this image last fall while at Grand Teton National Park.  It was a challenging trip because we weren't treated to many (i.e. any) spectacular sunrises or sunsets but there was plenty of cloud.  On an evening drive looking for fall color, elsewhere the clouds broke and there was a bit of sunset color.  In the afterglow of that color, I saw a row of trees in their fall color and clouds moving behind very quickly.  So I pointed the camera up to capture as much of the clouds as possible, leaving the trees to anchor the image.  The neat surprise was that during the 62 second exposure, the winds shifted, so instead of the usual straight line streaks of clouds, the lines are all broken up which for me adds more interest to the sky.

I had struggled with what to do with this image.  In afterglow the entire sky had a warm reddish hue but that color palette wasn't that interesting to me.  Then last night, I came across this image again and since I've been focusing on black & white images these past few weeks, it became obvious that I should convert it; removing color and focusing on the lines and geometry in the clouds instead.

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