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Giraffe Pair

Giraffe Pair - 1D4, 70-200 II @ 200mm, f/9, 1/250s, ISO 100

When you're out on safari, you typically don't get to pick the kind of light you'll have when you're on a game drive.  Ideally, all the great sightings would happen in the early morning or close to sunset.  However even when the light is harsh, there's still a chance to make interesting images.  For this pair of Giraffe, we ran into them around 10 AM, long after sunrise.  The direction of the sun isn't ideal, but with some careful tonal work in Lightroom and Photoshop I was able to even things out and get a final product I am happy with.  The inspiration for this image is one I saw made by my friend Andy Biggs.


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