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Gnarled Branches

Gnarled Branches - Sony A7r3, 24mm, f/22, 0.4s, ISO 100.

Its been a while since I was last at Point Lobos, mostly because the crowds there get crazy even by mid morning, but today I got there right at opening to do a quick walk. I really liked the way the light was filtering through the gnarled branches of these trees, so made a quick image. Also, I’ve been playing with the latest release of Lightroom and I think Adobe has upped their color game with the new profiles. Adobe Standard has always been good to get a consistent starting point when shooting between multiple cameras but I’ve always found its required a lot of work to get the final image dialed in, especially for Sony files where I’ve started to use Capture One more (for this reason). Now with the new presets, I’m getting results I like faster out of Lightroom and my familiarity with Lightroom’s tools is making me use Lightroom over Capture One, except for Phase digital back files were Capture One is still king. I did only a few quick edits in Lightroom for this image.


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