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Hoodoos in Storm

Hoodoos in Storm - A7r3, 224mm, f/8, 1/500s, ISO 100.

I’ve been a fan of printing images, both to evaluate my own and to experience the photos of others. For years at Adobe I was fortunate enough to have complete access to an Epson 7900 (which is a phenomenal printer) and after I left Adobe, I bought an Epson 4900 for home, which also produced amazing prints. Sadly, a couple of years ago, the 4900 died completely (a series of cryptic error codes that I couldn’t really resolve) and I suspect it did so because of infrequent use (it had sat unused for a couple of months) combined with lots of dust in the house from renovations. Rather than subject another printer to a similar fate I held off until the renovations were done (which never seemed to arrive). Finally, this week I got a printer, this time a Canon Pro-100, which while not as amazing as its predecessors, should keep me happy for a while. This is the first photo that I printed before posting and the print looks spot on. Unfortunately the image is a little blurry, a consequence of careless handheld photography so really only suitable for social media.

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