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La Jolla Pelican

La Jolla Pelican - 1D4, 500, f/5.6, 1/500s, ISO 100

Yesterday morning I went out for what is I'm sure my last shoot of the year (certainly my last avian shoot).  I had arrived at the La Jolla Cliffs a little too early the day before, so I chose to sleep in and arrive around 7 AM yesterday.  My timing was good, I hadn't packed a flash on this trip, so I couldn't make the usual flash lit images of the gulls against the pink ribbons of the pre-sunrise dawn sky.  My primary goal was to capture a Pelican performing one of their head throws with which I've had little success in the past and only moderate success the day before.  However, when I saw this composition available (with no other Pelicans cluttering the frame and a lot of negative space in the direction the Pelican was facing) I knew I had to make an image with it.

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