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Last Light

Last Light - Alpa STC, 32 HR, IQ 180, ~f/11, 1s, ISO 35.

These are the last rays of direct sunlight illuminating the mountains in the far distance as well as a touch on the hills in the lower left.  This was the location where I was hoping for some dramatic sunset color near Waterton National Park.  It became clear fairly quickly that I wouldn't get the kind of color I was looking for but the big boy (my medium format camera) was all ready to go so I tried to do the best I could.  While processing this image, I really liked how it was turning out and didn't mind the fact that there isn't drama in the sky.  The combination of blue and green with just that hint of orange/red warmth really works for me.  Then there's the incredible detail (click through to view this in the G+ lightbox with zoom and pan), picking out abandoned barns in the distance and wildflowers in the foreground.

In contrast to the previous image I posted, this one has no HDR, this is a single exposure.  I used a 3 stop reverse graduated neutral density filter to keep the tonality even over the frame.  I used Capture One for the RAW conversion, my converter of choice for Phase One images.  Just a touch of Pro Contrast with Color Efex Pro and a little bit of sharpening and this was ready to go.

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