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Layers - 1Ds3, 70-200 IS II @ 155mm, f/4.5, ISO 100, fusion of 3 exposures

I made this image one partly cloudly morning at Oxbow Bend in the Grand Tetons.  We were hoping for a beautiful sunrise to light up the skies behind Mount Moran but sadly it was too cloudy.  However directly behind us in the parking lot, I saw this scene and was intrigued by all the layers.  I was too lazy to set up my tripod so I just quickly made a few images handheld.

We start with grasses in the bottom, then the trees with two shades of green, then clouds, a partially hidden mountain range and finally more layers of cloud.  Its not an image that is striking in any one particular way (which is why it has been left ignored for the last year) but its one that once I started working on, I started to appreciate more and more.

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