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Lit Oak

oak lit up by late evening light
Lit Oak - Alpa STC, Phase One IQ4 150, 90mm, f/8, 1/40s, ISO 50.

After a nearly 5 month wait, I received my new Phase One IQ4 150 digital back yesterday and took it out for a spin this evening. While I have little need for 150 megapixels, I was excited for much improved performance with technical camera lenses. I wanted to photograph the California Live Oaks near the house, especially with an ultra wide angle and while I did, I think I liked this one I made with the 90mm better. I walked across this scene just as the sun was about to set, kissing the limbs of the tree with its last light. I didn’t really like the rock while I was making the image but looking at it now it doesn’t bother me as much, what do you think?


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