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plastic water bottle on beach
Litter - Phase One XF, IQ3 100, 40mm, f/14, 120s, ISO 100.

I only spotted the empty water bottle once I had started this exposure and it was pretty disappointing that some person had chosen this rock as the place to leave their trash rather than just taking it back with them. This was at 8 AM and we were the first people on the beach, so it must have been there from the evening the previous day. Unfortunately, this kind of minor abuse of these natural places is on the rise as the number of visitors to these places keep increasing every year. This was in the morning at Garrapata beach and when I returned here in the evening on the same day I saw several people walking up the path back to their cars each having picked a Calla Lily from the gully. Again, a minor thing, but with large numbers of people visiting, these things add up. All this is even more disappointing given what I’m reading about how people are treating some national parks with the government shutdown. So lets go out this year and enjoy everything nature has to offer us, but stick with the ‘leave nothing, take nothing’ philosophy!

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