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Moran Sunrise

Moran Sunrise - D800e, Zeiss 15, f/10, 91s, ISO 100

I arrived in Jackson Hole last night too late to be able to do any scouting for a place to shoot in the morning.  So I decided that I would just take a leisurely drive in the morning, checking out a few spots I was already aware of and make my way up to Yellowstone.  As I pulled up at the iconic Oxbow Bend location, the color was just about to pop.  I was somewhat dismayed to see dozens of photographers all lined up to take photos of the same thing and this further damped my already low enthusiasm to make an image this morning.  In the last moment I decided to grab just on body and lens and hoped to make an image that few (if any) of the other photographers were making (I heard a lot of constant shutter clacking so I'm not sure anyone else was doing a long exposure).  I didn't have much time to find the ideal spot or refine the composition (hence the bush at the right) but this is what I got.  After a few minutes, I packed up and continued my drive to Yellowstone.


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