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River Sligachen

River Sligachen - Alpa STC, IQ 180, 32 HR, ~f/13, 6s, ISO 35

While hanging out with Andy Biggs and Steve Lumpkin last week, we were reminiscing about our Scotland trip earlier this year and just how much fun we had.  I went looking into my Lightroom catalog and found this image which is probably my favorite from the trip.  To me, it highlights exactly the kind of images I was looking for with water, rocks and most important a dark moody sky.  I remember the morning well.  It was to be a travel day to make our way from Skye to Harris and because of the forecast of heavy rain we didn't drive out for a shoot but opted to walk across the street and photograph this river (there are a couple of interesting bridges too).  The clouds didn't co-operate that much, often blanketing the distant hills so nothing could be seen.  I made this image in one of those narrow windows where it wasn't raining where I was standing and the clouds had lifted just a little.


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