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Sedona Sunrise

Sedona Sunrise - 5D3, 24 TS-E, f/13, varying exposures, ISO 100, 5 panel stitch.

I got up early this morning and drove down to Sedona in the hopes of catching some nice light.  There were wisps of cloud so the conditions were promising.  I made newbie mistake though and didn't properly scout my shot for the morning the previous day, though in my defense being on a family vacation, its hard to squeeze in time for location scouting.  Even though Cathedral Rock is probably the most photographed landmark in Arizona I though I may as well go for it.  Going back to the lack of scouting, trying to find a place to photograph it for sunrise without any familiarity of the location was a mistake.  I had opportunity to make a backlit silhouette, but passed.  Soon I had no chance but to take what I could get by the roadside as the light was getting close to peak.  As soon as my tripod was set up the color started to spread, and spread at a very quick pace.  Soon the entire sky was filled with ribbons of intense pinks and purples.  I wanted to capture a panorama of as much of the scene as possible to show the "big sky" nature of this part of the country.


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