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Skunked by Clouds

Reeds at Schwabacher - 645Z, 28-45 @ 36mm, f/14, 0.8s, ISO 100

In spite of the poor weather forecast, I decided to head out to Schwabacher Landing on Tuesday morning for sunrise.  This was mostly because I was already awake ridiculously early and couldn't go back to sleep.  The early morning was a bust as the mountains were nearly completely covered and with all the cloud there would be no color anyway.  After killing some time at Mormon Row and hanging out with a bunch of Bison, it looked like Grand Teton was about to clear, so I went back to Schwabacher landing with the hope that when they cleared the clouds to the east would also clear, giving some light on these peaks.  I had a composition ready in my mind from the previous evening and it was a vertical one, not something I've done here before.  Things kept looking promising and I got out to the spot, adjusted the tripod to get everything right, got my filters on and took 2 test shots.  About 10 seconds after I did that, the entire range was engulfed in cloud which after even a while was not breaking up.  This is one of those test shots which I figured might make for an interesting black & white.

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