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Snow and Clouds - King Haakon Bay

Snow and Clouds - 5D3, 70-200 IS II @ 70mm, f/5.6, 1/500s, ISO 100

I had a berth in the lowest deck of the ship on my South Georgia trip last fall and this meant no portholes.  So when I wake up in the morning, its pitch black and I have no idea what the conditions are like outside.  Several mornings during the trip I managed to convince myself the light would be great and get up to the observation lounge and this was one of those mornings.

We were going to go for a landing at Cave Cove in King Haakon Bay that morning and waking up at 6, I quickly got ready and went upstairs hoping for some dramatic sky.  The sun kept going behind and then emerging from layers of light cloud, giving some really nice light.

I had originally fully intended to keep this image in color.  I love images with snow, clouds and glacier in them as there are subtle color differences (and not so subtle with glaciers) but in this case the black & white appealed to me more bringing more attention to the differences in texture and tone, even though I had to sacrifice not having the blue of glacier at the bottom.

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