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South Tufa Sunset

South Tufa Sunset - Canon 5D2, Zeiss 35 f/2, f/10, 2s, ISO 100. 7 frame stitch, 4 stop grad ND

I returned on Saturday from a weekend in the Eastern Sierras.  A lot of the fall color wasn't quite popping yet, but the trip was still productive.  The first shoot of the trip was on Friday evening up at Schulman Grove which was very cool but a bit cold (more on that in a future post).  The last shoot of the trip was at Mono Lake.

That afternoon, my friend Greg and I scouted the area for the evening.  We wanted to go somewhere a bit different from where all the other photographers would be lined up (Mono Lake in the fall on a weekend gets very very busy).  When I first saw this scene, I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  Its been my experience from previous trips that its difficult to do an expansive landscape at the South Tufa area, but on this spot, if there weren't too many other photographers and the skies co-operated, it would be possible.  When we returned shortly before sunset, to our relief there was only a couple of other photographers at this location and there were clouds in the sky (improving the odds of dramatic sky color).  Sure enough, everything came together and I was able to capture the kind of image I had in my mind.


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