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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers - Leica S2, 120 APO Macro Summarit, f/16, 1/12s, ISO 160.

I drove down to the coast late yesterday afternoon in the hopes that the Calla Lilies at Garrapata State Beach would be open and fresh and we would be treated to a pretty sunset.  There is a particular image I've wanted to make for the last few years and every year I go back hoping for the right conditions.  As you can probably guess, since I'm not posting an image with Callas, I wasn't successful this year either, which is fine as its the journey to that image that I find enjoyable.

What's more disturbing is the wild flower situation along the coast, which is nearly non-existent.  The Callas were drying out with very few fresh specimens.  This problem was compounded by the fact that there was a family of jack-asses that went around picking the Callas.  I wandered around the area looking for photographic opportunities but found none.  The image above, I made last year on April 7, a full two weeks later than now the area was popping flowers.  This year, I saw nothing even close to this.  The exact place I made this image was dry and dead looking, I guess the dry winter/spring we've had has taken its toll.

Feeling a bit defeated, I drove to another favorite spot at Soberanes Point and encountered a similar situation with the vegetation.  In the end, I drove back home not having made a single image or even pulling the camera out of the bag.


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