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Superstition Chola

Superstition Chola - Fuji XE-1, 18-55 @ 20.5mm, f/5.6, 1/120s, ISO 200

The previous road trip I dd was last christmas for nearly 2 weeks and included a visit to the Phoenix, Arizona area.  I spent a lot of time shooting with a Fuji XE-1 along with a couple of other mirrorless cameras on that trip.   At the time, Lightroom's support for the Fuji X-Trans was somewhat suboptimal and so even though I was extremely impressed with the JPEGs produced by the camera, I wasn't blown away with the results from RAW.

Its now 7 months later, and I started looking at some of the XE-1 files from that trip in Lightroom 5 (I also have Capture One Pro for my IQ180 files, but I find Lightroom's catalog and bulk editing too useful for higher volume shooting).  I'm starting to like the RAW files from this camera a lot more.  There's a lot malleability at base ISO and the grain at high ISO looks very natural.  The color bleeding artifacts from before are gone and more detail seems to be present.  Combined with the improved "smart sharpen" in Photoshop CC, I am getting results from RAW with the XE-1 that I'm pleased with.

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