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Takakkaw Falls and Yoho River

Takakkaw Falls and Yoho River - D800e, Zeiss 15, f/11, 8s, ISO 100

After nearly a week of rest, relaxation and enjoying mom's home cooking, we set out on the road again.      We stopped in Banff for lunch, visited Lake Louise, but it was Moraine Lake that I was more impressed with from a photographic standpoint.  There were lots of opportunities to make interesting images incorporating leading lines or a rushing river.  However, once again I didn't bring my big boy camera and worked just hand held with the Fuji XE-1 (we'll see how those images turn out).

We spent a lot more time at Takakkaw Falls and this time I brought my bag of big cameras and had a great time exploring various compositions incorporating the Yoho River (like above), or trees or just the falls by itself.  This was in the late afternoon (which doesn't help much with the light because the sun sets at 9:45), but it was a partially cloudy sky with clouds occasionally obscuring the sun.  All you had to do was wait for the ideal light.  I used a Heliopan 10 stop neutral density filter to blur out both the river and the falls with an 8s shutter speed.

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