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Walking Away

a polar bear far away walks away
Walking Away - 5D4, 1200mm, f/10, 1/640s, ISO 400.

The first couple of days into the trip after all of our polar bear sightings were very far away, what I really wanted was a close up encounter.  However, after the trip wrapped and now being back for over a week, those far away images are the ones that I really find special.  They give a sense of place for the bear with the towering glaciers behind and sea ice in front.  They also tell much more of a story.  In this case, the red face of this bear shows that it was recently feeding on the kill that is now surrounded by avians.  The bear is walking away from the kill looking back and what can’t be seen and that is off frame is that there is another bear, a large male whom after a rest from feeding is now heading back to the kill for another round.  A great set of interactions and no violence either with many bears sharing in the meal over many hours.

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