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Winter's Arrival

First Winter Storm - D800e, 70-200 f/4 VR @ 70mm, f/8, 1/320s, ISO 100

I try as much as I can to make images that tell a story, even if the story is a simple one.  In this case, I drove around in the afternoon through Grand Teton National Park at the tail end of the storm that hit and had in mind a particular story I wanted to tell.  I went to the area seeking the colors of fall and there were several aspen and cottonwoods that were in various stages of turning colors.  After the storm, I knew that I wanted to craft an image that conveyed the sense of fall interrupted and the abrupt arrival of winter.  I stopped at several locations looking for an image that told this story and finally near the end of my drive found it.  I saw these group of trees, several of them having started to turn.  The snow on the ground in the foreground was fresh and there was just the right amount as to not completely cover the grass.  Then the evergreens in the back with the light dusting of snow hinting at the recency of the snowfall.  Finally, the clouds, still obscuring the mountains behind, threatening to cast down more snow.  For me, this scene conveys the sense of fall interrupted and winter's arrival perfectly and I'm glad I kept looking to find what I had in mind.

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